Retirement is one of the biggest changes we all face, so it is vital that we prepare for it. With average life expectancy rates constantly rising, some people are finding they are spending almost as much time in retirement as they did working.

The challenge is to build enough of a savings pot to fund a standard of living that not only lasts your lifetime, but affords you all the things you want to do in retirement. With so many retirement options available it can be difficult knowing which one is right for you.

We aim to help make the journey and decision making process as stress free as possible. Planning is key and we strive to give our clients clear honest advice with as little jargon as possible.

  • Pre – Retirement

    Some way off

    My ideal retirement date? / What’s my number? / Do I have a savings gap? / How do I fill it? / How do I ensure I don’t run out of money?

  • Pre – Retirement

    Nearly there

    When can I really stop work? / Maximising savings and paying less tax / Taking less risk / What choices do I have? / Am I as prepared as I can be?

  • At – Retirement

    Choices and decisions

    I’m ready – what next? / How do I turn my savings into income? / Can I change my income needs? / What if I want to work part time? / How do I keep tax to a minimum?

  • In – Retirement

    Greater freedom

    No more work! / Am I confident my money will last? / What if I need more money for something? / When should I consider delegating control of my finances? / What about funeral expenses?

  • In – Retirement


    Keeping healthy / Making my savings last / Passing money on to my family / Planning for future care

  • In – Retirement

    Later life

    Ensuring I’m cared for / Not being a burden to my family / Finalising my legacy