Our Investment Ethos

Our job as financial planners is not to guarantee future returns or try and second guess which investments will perform best – after all, we don’t have a crystal ball.

Our job is to use our knowledge, skill and experience to maximise the chances of you achieving your aims and objectives.

The guiding principles at the heart of our investment ethos are:

  • Invest your money to best meet your goals, not simply speculate on the latest trends.
  • Establish what is important to you and build a plan to meet your goals.

Valuable Investing

Whether we invest your money for the long or medium term, whether we take a safe or risky approach or somewhere in between, whether we use cash based deposits or funds that invest in shares it is important that Lighthouse Financial Planning Ltd maintains a strong robust method which we follow.

Our investment process is there to make sure:

  • You have peace of mind.
  • We use our expertise and the expertise of others.
  • We make sure we take care of your investments.

We have designed an Investment Proposition to ensure we manage your money effectively and within expectations. We source and use industry experts who provide returns comparable to the risks you are willing and able to take.

In addition, we use respected industry software from Defaqto which ensures you do not take too much or too little risk with your investments. This means our processes are up to date and we regularly monitor our processes and the solutions and make adjustments when required.